Friday, July 29, 2011

3rd grade is so good it's scary!

So I'm sure you've guessed it by now but our classroom theme this year in the 3rd grade is.......monsters!  I'm super excited and have been looking for all sorts of cute monster ideas to make/do in my room!  I have come up with lots of good ideas for activities and things to make...and you'll never guess where a lot of them came from.....PINTEREST!  More about that in my next post!

I hope to make several monsters out of oatmeal canisters to be our homeroom math monsters!  Here is my inspiration from
It will be the kids' job to feed our math monster.  Some days he will only be able to eat even numbers or multiples of 4, or numbers with 6 in the tens place.  On days when everyone feeds him the correct number, I'll feed them with a small treat in the afternoon, maybe smarties!

The students will be making this during our first week (well three days) of school!  Last year they loved paper folding activities so I'm thinking this will be a big hit!  There is a tutorial (with pictures) at

An activity that I found and am very excited about using is from Education World and!  They have weekly printable activities that can help students build research skills by using their website to look up the answers to five multiple-choice questions based on interesting themes (10 questions for grades 4 & up).  I'll give these out on Monday and the kids will have until Friday to look up the answers and will be able to work on it at home or at school if they don't have internet access at home.

I've also been working on a couple of things I'm going to share with you (both with a monster theme of course)!  First, is my Mon-Star Student Info sheet and then monster themed reading focus wall printables.  Hopefully somebody out there can use them!  Sorry there are no picture previews (not quite sure how to do that yet!).

I'd love to hear from you!  Any comments?  Any advice for a new blogger?

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