Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yes, I'm still here!

So the first week and a half of school have (obviously) killed me worn me out!  I have neglected my blog, and I just got it started!  Shame on me!

Before school started it took us a good hour of planning to come up with a daily schedule!  Make that 4 different daily schedules!  And...good news....my planning period for Wednesdays is changing now....I teach third grade with 3 other teachers in the same grade level.  We have common planning twice a week.  Well, figuring out a schedule that would work for all of us (due to reading groups and RTI groups and of course recess!) was difficult to say the least.  Mondays and Fridays are the same...every other day is different.  Needless to say, I HAVE to have that schedule!

So, after leaving school at 6:45 tonight, to get my mind off of school things for a while, I'm going to blog (YAY!), and I'm going to enjoy the linky party at Blog Hoppin' where this week is teacher week!  I had my Monday (meet the teacher) post about half way ready last night and fell asleep...oops!  Sad, I know!  But I am really looking forward to tomorrow (where it all goes down Wednesday)!  I changed my room around a bit and am excited to share the photos!  Not to mention, I LOVE to see pictures of other teachers' classrooms!  I will tell you that I am sooo jealous of all of the huge rooms I see, ours are quite small!  But anyway, today is Teacher Talk Tuesday (advice for new teachers), so I'm going to link up my advice post from a few weeks ago - you should do the same, join the party!  On Friday (Free For All Friday) I'll be sharing a printable I use for math vocabulary!

I'm starting a new classroom project (pinterest inspired of course) this week!  I made one clothespin project already, but to have room to hang more, I'm making another!  I'll be making chalkboard clothespins inspired by these from Create-Teach-Share!  Guess where she got the idea to make hers!  Yep, pinterest!

Hope everybody has had a great Monday Tuesday!  (Let's not go backwards....PLEASE!)  And I'll be back tomorrow with classroom photos - that's the plan anyway!

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