Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Birthday Baking, A Freebie, & ELA Scoot

My hubby's birthday is coming up...tomorrow!  Ahhh!  And I'm blogging instead of getting things ready...gosh...

I'm baking a scrumptious dessert bar today and a red velvet cake tomorrow for him, and chicken enchiladas were requested for his birthday dinner!  These dessert bars (whose name I won't mention) are sinfully delicious...I'd hate to think how many calories they have!  I found them on pinterest along with the "lighter" chicken enchilada recipe!  Click the pictures below to go to those pins!

The dessert bar is super easy to make!  The enchiladas take a little more time and prep, but they are so worth it!  I thought I'd bring you along today while I make Kyle's brownies!

You only need a few ingredients!

Preheat your oven and prepare your brownie mix and cookie dough!  I'm using boxed today to save some time, but you could use your own recipe too!

Layer!  Cookie Dough - Oreos - Brownie Mix  (You'll notice I made a double batch...now Kyle can take some brownies to work with him!)


Bake and Enjoy!  Yum!!

Be sure you check out the original blog post I pinned for the full recipe and her amusing explanation of the name!  Check out those enchiladas too!  So good!!  I can't wait for dinner tomorrow! =)

I'm linking up with Michele from Miss Nelson's Got The Camera for her "Make it, Bake it, Sew it, Grow it" giveaway!

Now, to help celebrate the birthdays in your classroom, enjoy these freebie postcards!  Everyone loves getting mail, right?  Just click on the picture to download your own copy or get it for free from my TN shop or TPT store!

And finally, I'm working on scoot games for the parts of speech.  I'm finished with a noun combo set (2 games) and a verb game!  The first three people to comment and agree to proofread one of my games will get to keep the finished version for free!  All you have to do is email me back with comments, questions, suggestions, or any concerns with the game!  I definitely want to produce a quality product so I need your help!  So, if you want to be my editor for the day (or for 15 minutes!) comment on this post, and tell me which game you'd like to look over (identifying nouns, common vs. proper & singular vs. plural nouns, or verbs) and your email address!  I'll give one of each game to the first person to request it to proofread for me!  Remember, if you ask for one of my games you agree to proofread it for me!  =)

So, do you have any special ways that you celebrate birthdays at home or at school?


  1. You call them popular nouns? Not proper nouns? Hmmmm. Never heard of popular nouns. I enjoy your blog. The dessert bars look sumptuous.

    1. hahaha no! I call them proper too! I guess my mac autocorrected the wrong way lol! Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it!

  2. I'd love to help you look over the common/proper vs sing/plural set. (Our curriculum takes nouns v-e-r-y slowly...we just barely hit adjectives in May...no sign of verbs to be seen!)

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  3. I wouldn't mind looking over your verbs set. I am going to be dreaming about those dessert bars now! Oh my delicious! I'm pinning that for future baking! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. Sure thing Lisa! Thanks! I'll email you soon!

  4. I will look over the nouns, if you need another person.

  5. Now I'm going to HAVE to make those dessert bars!! :)

  6. That looks delish! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a footprint. I am now following you too!
    Where Seconds Count

    1. They are delish! haha! Thanks for coming by!