Friday, July 6, 2012

Currently & Daily 5 - Chapter 4

After finishing chapter 3 of The Daily Five, I was excited to read chapter 4 and start learning more about each part of the daily 5.  So, I finished chapter 4 Monday (while Kyle was fishing), but since he's been on vacation this week my blogging has been a little lax...But I'm here to share my thoughts on chapter 4, and I'm linking up with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for the first time!  So I'll start with my "currently" and then head into my thoughts on "read to self".  If you're here from the Daily 5 book study, feel free to skip ahead to the next section!  You can see my other posts about The Daily 5 (chapters 1 - 3) here!

So, since Kyle is off this week we haven't been home much.  But since we are now he's in control of the remote and we're watching The Simpsons.  We watch the Simpsons almost every night!  He loves 'em...I do love that he's home though!  It's been so nice to get out of the house and spend time on the boat and on random little road trips!  

I've been busy thinking about his birthday next Wednesday and ordering presents, and our anniversary is Sunday too!  I was hoping to have a tasty lunch today, but we went fishing at a small lake instead...I ended up stumbling upon a hornet's nest and getting stung 3 times on my head and shoulders...ugh!  I'm still sore!  So I'm resting up and blogging even though I need to be cleaning up!

Now on to a couple of good reads...I love, love, love to read "The worst Best Christmas Pageant Ever" to my kids at Christmas time!  Those Herdman kids just crack me up!!  There are variations for Halloween and back to school too!  And right now you know I'm reading "The Daily Five" and hope to incorporate the sisters' wisdom into my classroom this fall, so that is a professional book I'll be keeping close!!

Head over to Oh Boy Fourth Grade and link up with Farley!

Now on to The Daily 5 - Chapter 4

Read To Self

I'm linking up with Tessa from Tales from Outside The Classroom who is hosting chapter 4!

Like I said before, I was really excited to start reading about each different aspect of the daily 5, and read to self was first!  I totally agree with the sisters on the importance of having time to read, and the idea of building stamina is so basic...why didn't I think of that??  And I love how they give you detailed ideas of how your lessons will go!

Something that I had never really considered before was the "three ways to read a book" that the sisters talk about.  You can read the words (of course), read the pictures, or retell the story if you've read it before.  I love this idea because it can make even struggling students feel like readers and feel successful!  But I am a bit concerned about reading the pictures.  How do you know some of your lazy less motivated kids won't just read the pictures when they're capable of more?  Is it okay if they do?

Starting out (or launching) read to self you make an i-chart.  I-charts are used to launch each part of the daily 5.  There are two things I love about these charts.  The I stands for independence, so it's a constant reminder that they're learning to work on their own.  The i-chart has two sides - one for students and one for teachers.  I really like this aspect of the i-charts.  The kids know (and help decide) what is expected of them, but they know that I have a job during daily 5 too!

After that you pick a few models (correct and incorrect), and you practice, practice, practice until you have built up your stamina!  After reading chapter 2 I made a couple of freebies for all of you guys.  One of those freebies is for building stamina at home too!  Stop by and pick it up from this post (or by clicking on the picture to go to the post) if you missed it!

So what do you think?  Will some of your kiddos just read the pictures when they can do more?  Is it okay if they do??

Don't forget to check out Tessa's post and all of the other great posts that have been linked up!


  1. Great currently! so often i want a yummy lunch from a new place! Seems like i always get stuck in a restaurant rut! Oh and then i always seem to order the same thing at each restaurant! Great thoughts on the chapter too!

    Founr you throug the currently link up! Rule of three!


    1. I do the same thing Simone! I always order the same two or three things from restaurants!

  2. I love your stamina chart! I looks so simple. I became one of your newest followers. I would love to have you come by and visit my blog!


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