Monday, June 4, 2012

Daily 5 and CAFE

Okay, I have a question for you!  I've heard sooo many good great things about Daily 5 that I have to wonder about using it in my classroom.


So here's my school uses the Scott Foresman Reading Street series.  Could I still do the daily 5 or parts of it with my basal?  Do you have a series and use the daily 5 with it? 

I've seen a few blogs that are having book studies on these two books this summer, and I'm really thinking about joining in.  I just want to make sure I can incorporate it into my reading class.  One of those blogs, We Read, We Blog, We Teach is brand new, and this is the first of many book studies they will have!  A few great blogs are giving away a copy of each book, so if you're planning to participate and don't have your books yet, go check out Lessons with LaughterCorkboard Connections, and Adventures of a Sixth Grade Teacher!

Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher 
Lessons with Laughter

Owl Things First and Fun in 1st Grade are having a giveaway too...a totally awesome 80's giveaway!  And I love it!  They're celebrating 80 followers!  I have just over 80 now, and it's exciting stuff!  Go over and enter on each of their blogs!  

So, back to my me out...

is the daily 5 something I could do with our basal?


  1. Thanks, Jackie! Good luck! I have to use a basal reader but incorporate the daily five in my approach to it.
    Owl Things First

  2. I use Daily 5 in my classroom, and my district also uses Scott Foresman Reading Street. I use the basal story in my listen to reading station. I use the skills from the basal during some of my different mini-lessons throughout my reading block. I absolutely love Daily 5 in my classroom, and so do the kids:) I am going to read the Cafe book this summer. I look forward to watching your journey! Good luck!

    1. Thanks! It's good to know that it can be done!

  3. Thanks for blogging about our giveaway. I don't know anything about the Daily 5 but hope to learn this summer!
    :) Dana
    Fun in 1st Grade

  4. We use Treasures and I found a great curriculum map a couple years back that showed how you can incorporate the reading series in with Cafe. I made my own using that one as a guide. If you like, I can email it to you. Let me know.

    1. I would love to have a copy of you curriculum map!