Tuesday, June 5, 2012

OO.com and Donors Choose

If you haven't heard, a great website, oo.com, has partnered with Donors Choose to help teachers like us get our important projects funded!  You know how I love Donors Choose and applaud their work.  Well oo.com is helping specifically with technology related projects!

oo.com is a site that helps you find shopping deals and discounts, but they're doing something much more significant!  They find technology related projects (requesting computers, printers, nooks, iPods, etc.) and highlight them on their "save & give" page, http://www.oo.com/sa500kids.  It's free and easy to sign up, and you don't have to purchase anything to vote!  You can vote for multiple projects with just the click of your mouse, and you can vote every day!  Like a project (via Facebook) to give it 10 votes!  And if you do choose to shop through oo.com, every dollar you spend = a wow point, and you can "wow" a project to give it 20 votes (as many times as you want)!

If you have a technology related project, hurry on over to oo.com, look for it, and start voting!  I was surprised to find mine on there the first time!  If you don't have a project that will be featured, swing by and see who you can help!  You can explore the projects and search by state and even city.  I would love, love, love for you to take a moment to vote for my project!  I'm hoping to get a SMART slate for my class!  You can click on this link, the picture below, or the picture in the sidebar to find my project!

Remember, you can vote multiple times, so look around for other projects to support while you're there!  If you find one of your donors choose projects, leave a link to it in the comments below!  I would love to vote for your project too!


  1. Hi Jackie,

    I'll be more than happy to vote for your project if you'd vote for mine as well. Thanks!


  2. Nevermind. I see you already had yours funded. Congratulations! Any advice on how to go about getting it funded?



  3. Shawn, I would be more than happy to vote for your project! Who knows when I'll need more votes again! Anytime I have a project on oo.com, I like it and share it on Facebook! A lot of my friends are happy to vote for it, and some of them even share it on their Facebook pages!