Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Summer of DIY

Welcome to my extreme classroom makeover!  I can call it extreme since it will be a whole new room, right?  If you haven't seen in my past post about all of my packing (ugh), my school district is switching buildings.  Nearly everyone P-8 is moving to a different building!  Luckily 3rd and 4th stay in the same building so I'll just be moving upstairs.  Even luckier, we have help!  I don't have to move everything myself!

Every year in the third grade we change themes.  
My first year in third grade the theme was cars and racing.  Take a look!

Last year our theme was monsters - so colorful and fun!  And I got tables (mostly)!  Yay!  Love them!  Here's a peek!

This year we have a school-wide theme...

Peace, Love, & Dogs
(we're the bulldogs - sometimes we spell it dawgs)

Since I can't get into my classroom for a while, I'm going to spend some time working on projects at home!  I think Classroom DIY might just be my best friend this summer!  If you haven't checked out Charity's newest venture yet, run, don't walk to see all of the DIY projects and tutorials on this new blog!  If you use one of the ideas on the blog, you can submit pictures to be featured on the blog.  I decided to try out the DIY dry erase boards for next year using report covers and peace themed and tie-dyed duct tape!  One of my pictures is on the DIY in Action page right now!

Looking around online for things to go with our new theme I found Shindigz, a party supply website.  They have super cute funky and hip 60's and 70's themed items of all kinds.  You can even make personalized banners, candy bar and drink wrappers, and stickers like this one I personalized!

Personalize a sticker with your school colors and mascot at Shindigz!

Do you have any great ideas for our groovy theme?


  1. I am a new follower. Your blog is adorable. I have no dog ideas yet....but it does make me thinkg of Pound Puppies...a cartoon from when I was little.

    Chickadee Jubilee

    1. Oh my goodness! Such a great way to start a long weekend! I love new followers, and I'm glad you're here Laurie! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Your room looks great! I love the theme...Great things(people) came from the 60s and 70s. Guess what? You won my give away! I'll send you an e-mail with the details!
    Owl Things First

    1. Wow! Jenny, I can't believe I won your giveaway! (I probably shouldn't be this excited, huh?) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!